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 Intercontinental 8TT'2013

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PostSubject: Intercontinental 8TT'2013   Fri Mar 29, 2013 1:15 am

- The tournament takes place in Group Gz Brasil ( Room Gz World ) ( Gz Portugal ) ( Gz Brasil )


- With the registration all the players are agree with the championship rules.
- 32 Teams
- Each team will be formed by 12-14 players.
- All the championship games are played without guide and no spin. If a player invites you for a championship game with guide and/or without spin, reject.
- It's recommended to block the chat when there are "Annoying" players in the match that are not related to the registered players of the championship because the game can get lag and the frames won't be repeated if this happens.
- If the organizers suspect, discover, or are sure that the player or the players who are disturbing in a game have any kind of friendship with any of the teams members involved, the team will be penalized according to the discomfort of his/her friend(s) could have caused.
- If the organizers suspect, discover, or are sure that a player or a team is/are sharing accounts, the disqualification of the team will be instantly and obligatory.
- The organizers can't take decisions in problems where is/are involved him, players of his team, players of his country, close friends, etc. (None of his words must be considered before taking a decision)

Championship Account:
- Every player is allowed to play in the tournament with only one account (He can change it asking to the organizers providing valid reasons, the organizers will decide to accept or deny the request).
- Every player of the tournament is allowed to play with his registered gamezer ID only.
- The nick name of every participating player must show ASCII characters only.
- The player must play with the flag of his country.
- Hiding the flag and/or the nickname is forbidden (He must play visible)
- The player can't play without showing his/her correct flag and/or without his registered nickname and/or ID, if he plays without some of the past requirements he will be considered as absent and there will be a countdown for him. (New)
- If a player hasn't his registered nickname and/or is hiding his flag his adversary must decide if he wants to play or not, once the match has started the previous rule is no more valid.
- In case of multiple accounts a player must use only his highest account for Championships. (Without exceptions)

Disqualifications or penalties:
- When the game starts, all the visitors of the game must stay is silence.
- If a player has an objection, the match moderator must decide what to do (In certain cases only the organizers can take a decision but the moderator must provide all the available information to them).
- The use of guide programs is strictly forbidden. If such abuse is discovered you will be disqualified immediately.
- Insulting the other player or the moderator is strictly forbidden. If this happens the moderator may expel the insulting player from the competition presenting the proofs to the organizers.
- Any player who violates Community Rules, will be disqualified without any further explanation or discussion from the tournament.
- In case of discovering account sharing (Between any gamezer player) in a tournament the disqualification is obligatory.
- In case of discovering a higher account, the player will be automatically out of the championship.
- ALL the points sanctions will be decreased to the sanctioned team only but not added to the team that was playing against the sanctioned team while the sanction took place.
- Any sanctions will be applied to the team in the next round, for example, if a teams has a sanction in group stage, the sanction will be effective in the play-off stage, the only sanctions that will take place in the same round will be the ones for sharing accounts. (Important)
- While playing, the only valid chat will be between the moderator/players of the match, and only for the next situations:
*Wish good luck, say thanks, any symbol of fair-play (Only in the beginning and end of the match)
*Ask for fair-play (No complaints, only requests, since the fair play isn't obligatory)
*Ask for refreshing
*Ask for a sanction to the moderator (Only about fair-play)
*Score of the match
There must not be any insistence, if there's no answer from the other player and/or moderator this means a "NO" as answer. (Important)
- Any text not related to the above situations and/or any smiley (Even 1) from any player of the tournament in any match of the tournament, will be considered as flood and will be penalized with [-1 Point] for the author's team, only if the organizer consider this as neccessary, there must be screen-shots in the "Disqualifications & Sanctions" topic in the championship forum (Important)
- The player who use intentional trick to benefit some player or team, it will be penalized. (new)

Changes,replacements: (new)
- During all the tournament, we allow just 1 change during the match. From the second,the team will have a penalty with -2 points. Each changes will cost -2 points.
- If a player started his frames and get disconnection and after don't come, the captain (or sub-captain) can replace him.

8 Ball:
- Fallow 8-Ball Billiards Rules
- 1 disconnection (after 10 seconds = marked on the record) = 1 game lost (for the player who is disconnected). In sign of fair play,the opponenet can decide to repeat the frame.
- If a player intentionally hit the opponent balls or accommodates the 8 Ball with leftover balls from him in the table the frame is counted as lost (new!)
- In case of a bad mouse button contact, the opponent can as a sign of fair play put back the cue ball to its original position, but in case of taking advantage of this situation putting the ball in a different position the player loose the frame.
- In case of draw in a frame (Impossible to continue playing by balls position, the game can be repeated (Draw must be decided by a moderator)

Countdown: (new)
- If a player don't appear to play his match, after 10 min of the agreed time,can start the countdown. After starting it, every 5 minutes the opponent win 1 frames.
20:00 agreed time.
20:10 start countdown
20:15, 1-0
20:20, 2-0
20:25, 3-0
20:30, 4-0
20:35, 5-0
20:40, 6-0

Groups: (new)
- Each group will be formed by ....
- The ... teams that win more frames will be qualified to the Playoff Table.
- In evey group there will be his responsable, for eventuals problems you have to contact him.
- Group's topic is locked,just the responsable can directly reply to the topic. After ending each match the responsable will update the table's group and reply with the match's results.
- The responsable is allowed to open the match's topic at least 72-48 hours before the beginning of it.
- After the own match, both players have to post the final score whithin 15 minutes from the ending, or the frames won will be not count.

Playoff: (new)
- The Playoff table will be formed by ... teams.
- The way to match the couples it's simple. We will work on frames won's statistics.
- We will open topic for reforges and changes. It will rest open just 3 days.
- Organizers will try to facilitate times slots to avoid matches on hard times for some Teams.
- Progressing in Playoff's table, the numbers of players and frames of each match progresses in turn.
- The semifinals and the final must be recorded by our recoder staff.
- After the own match, both players have to post the final score whithin 15 minutes from the ending. or the frames won will be not count.

1/8 --> 6 Vs 6 (6 frames)
1/4 --> 6 Vs 6 (7 frames)
1/2 --> 7 Vs 7 (8 frames)
Final --> 8 Vs 8 (9 frames)

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Intercontinental 8TT'2013
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