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 GzInternational Rules

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PostSubject: GzInternational Rules    Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:26 pm

1. Outside Programs & Bugs
Use of programs is not allowed if any User / member discovers or suspects must immediately inform the administration.

2. Spamming
It is forbidden to make disclosures or advertisements of things not related to the site. Enter text messages Consisting Solely of one or two words and smileys (emoticons) is forbidden. Please remember, this is a forum, not chat. Avoid doble posting by editing your post. Enter text Entirely written with capital letters is forbidden, while writing in capital letters means shouting, and we prefer to speak, not to shout.

3. Profanity / Hate Messages
No profanity is allowed, discrimination and insult members of the site, if it occurs will be banned.

4. Avatar and Signature
Animated images in avatars and signatures are not allowed.
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GzInternational Rules
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